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Historic Buildings

The Port Albert Heritage Walk information markers give a good insight into the history of Port Albert. Maps of the Port Albert Heritage Walk are available from the Maritime Museum.

Bank of Victoria

Bank of Victoria building built in 1862 now houses the Gippsland Regional Museum.


Building is located on the corner of Wharf Street and Bay Street.

Photo Credit_ Boat Harbour Jetty B&B

The Rocket Shed

The rocket and mortar store was completed in 1878 to house the Breeches Buoys lifesaving equipment issued to major Victorian ports in 1876.

This building is located on the Port Albrt Wharf across from the Fish and Chip Cafe. 

Photo Credit_ Boat Harbour Jetty B&B

St John's Anglican Church

The first Anglican service was held by Rev Willougby Bean in Port Albert’s Customs House in 1856.

The first St John’s Church was opened in Port Albert on the 8th of March 1863.  Read the full history on our Website.

Located on Raglan Street.

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Photo Credit_ Boat Harbour Jetty B&B

The General Store

The General Store was established in 1856 and since this date, has been the home to several cafes and restaurants.

Located on Tarraville Road, the General Store is now home to the VerSicilia Ristorante providing Italian pizza and pasta dishes.

Photo Credit_ Boat Harbour Jetty B&B

The Bond Store

In December 1855, H.B. Thomas called for tenders for the labour to construct a Brick Store for R. Turnbull Esq.


By October 1856, Turnbull and Orr announced that their store was appointed for free warehousing.

Located on Wharf Street.

Bond Store Port Albert

The Derwent Hotel

The old Derwent Hotel was completed in 1858 and Thomas Crisp held the first license from 1859-1862. Adams, former Ship Inn licensee then leased the hotel from William Crisp in 1862


The building was also used as a bakery and store for general merchanise. Today it is a private residence.

Located on Wharf Street.

The Ship Inn Hotel

The Ship Inn Hotel (Flats) around 1946.

Today the building is a private residence and located on on Wharf Street.

Photo Credit_ Boat Harbour Jetty B&B

The Post Office

Port Albert Post Office (Wharf St) is the oldest known post office in Gippsland. Built in 1864 it operated until 1972.


The Post Office is considered to be a relatively original example of a substantial architect-designed building from the early development period of Port Albert.

This privately owned house can be located at 13 Wharf Street (across from the water tower).

Photo Credit_ Boat Harbour Jetty B&B

The Bakery

The old Port Albert Bakery (1859) which has been faithfully restored by artist Warren Curry, a leading landscape and marine artist.


Warren operates the famous Port Albert Gallery which is open on weekends and specific holiday periods.

Located on Tarraville Road.

Old Port Albert Bakery

Port Albert Water Tower

An icon of Port Albert, and an image that is commonly featured in tourist photographs of the Port Albert Wharf.  

Port Albert Water Tower

Other Historic Buildings...

A number of historic buildings are now private residences and these include.


  • The Port Albert Post Office (1864)

  • The Bar of the Ship Inn (1856)

Whats Happening at Port Albert?

Check out what events or fishing competitions are being held in the area.

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