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There are so many things to do in and around Port Albert, so to help you get the most out of your time, we’ve put together some recommended experiences based on a one day trip, weekend or a week-long stay.

One Day Experience

There are so many things to do in and around Port Albert, so to help you get the most out of your time here, we’ve put together some recommended experiences based on a day trip, weekend, or a week-long stay.

Begin your day with an early morning walk around the Port Albert Wharf. Enjoy the sunrise and watching the fisherman launch their boats at the Port Albert jetty.

Spot the Port Albert Buoys scattered around the foreshore. Make sure you take a selfie trying to pick one up.

Grab a hand-held breakfast or coffee from any of the eateries that are open around the water’s edge and enjoy the ambience of the waves and bird life.

Why not follow the Port Albert Heritage Walk and view the historic buildings in the area which date back to 1841. Most of the buildings have historical plaques attached to the front so you can read about their past. Maps are available from the Maritime Museum.

If you’ve brought a fishing rod, why not throw a line in from any of the jetties.  Fish for flathead, whiting, or leatherjackets right off the wharf area.  Fishing equipment and bait can also be purchased from the Port Albert General Store and Service Station.

Lunchtime provides a great number of food options around Port Albert. Enjoy sitting at any of the picnic tables around the wharf with our famous fish and chips or grab a gourmet fish burger with a hot or cold drink.

After lunch, drop into the Maritime Museum which has things for the whole family to enjoy or visit the Alberton cemetery and learn about our past residents.

In the evening, have a BBQ in Memorial Park right on the water’s edge. Let the kids use their last bit of energy playing on the swings.

Watch the amazing Port Albert sunsets and perhaps grab an early Italian pizza or pasta dinner at Versicilia Ristorante on the main street.

Three Day Experience

For those who intend on spending a few days or a weekend in Port Albert, our 3 Day Experiences provide you with some options that incorporate a range of activities from Port Albert and the surrounding areas.  

Get off to an early start with some exercise and a walk on the ‘Old Port Trail’ also known as the Christopher Robinson walk, named after a prominent Greenpeace activist who lived in the area.

View Christopher Robinson’s hut which is located behind Rodondo BnB. This can also be viewed from the rear yard of the Museum.

Let the kids blow off some energy by letting them run free at Rutters Park playground.

Head into Yarram Start for a hearty breakfast at one of the amazing cafes in Yarram, just a 10 minutes’ drive from Port Albert. During weekdays and on a Saturday morning you’ll find a full range of retail and service stores open for trading.

Visit the local community markets in Yarram which operate at various times each month.

Wander around the street looking at the famous Heesco Murals. You can download a map from their website

If you’ve brought your boat, why not head out onto the Port Albert waterways and fish for flathead, gummy shark, whiting, and snapper. Alternatively, you can always book a ‘walk on and off’ fishing charter.

Travel to some of the local beaches to enjoy a walk, fish or a swim in the surf.  McLoughlins Beach has a wonderful 1klm boardwalk that meanders through the wetlands and beach areas. Woodside Beach has a dedicated swimming area which is patrolled by the local surf club.

Grab some lunch from the Woodside Hotel. They make great burgers and sit-down modern pub meals.

Visit the Tarra Bulga National Park and have a stroll along one of the many short to medium walking tracks, enjoying the magnificent scenery of shady fern-lined creeks, luxuriant tree ferns, old forests.

Head back to Port Albert and drop into the famous Maritime Museum which is a treasure trove of history from the area.

Pack your mountain bike and head off on the many walking and bike trails in the area.

Have some wine tasting at the local Carrajung Estate and Winery. Why not stop for some lunch.

Purchase one of the many history books from the Maritime Museum and sit in Rutters Park watching the kids in the playground.

Have a BBQ in memorial park at the waters edge.

Book an appointment to visit the Port Albert Gallery.  Artist Warren Curry is a major draw card for Port Albert, holding a fascinating combination of traditional oil paintings with local subjects against dramatic, alluring depictions of Corfu. The gallery is usually open on weekends.

If you are feeling a little more energetic, the Port Albert Tennis Courts are available for hire. Equipment can be rented from the Port Albert General Store and Service Station.

Visit the sailing club who run various sailing tournaments throughout the year.

Bring your Kayak to Port Albert and explore the protected waterways and sandy beaches.

Alberton Cemetery Tours operate each month and are a great option for families. Listen to the interesting stories from the tour guide and immerse yourself in times gone by.

Get romantic and wander around the Port at dusk to view the amazing Port Albert sunsets.

View the large numbers of Kangaroos and Wallabies all feeding in the late afternoons in the paddocks behind houses or along the walking trails.

Port Albert has huge night skies and minimal city lights which makes it perfect for star gazing.

For dinner, you can’t go past a country pub meal at the Victoria Hotel in Alberton (the Albo) just 5 minutes from Port Albert.

Seven Day Experience

If you are spending a week in Port Albert, we’ve designed a range of experiences that incorporate the seaside, national park forests and neighboring towns.  Swap and change each recommendation to suit your schedule and of course the changing weather.  

Get the blood flowing by booking an early morning Yoga Class in the Port Albert hall.

Church services are held at various times each month by the St John’s Anglican Church at the historic churches of Port Albert and Tarraville.

Jump on the Tarra Trail, a new 12 klm walking and bike trail which connects Port Albert with the local town of Yarram. Grab a coffee from the local cafes. 

Spend half a day at the Tarra Bulga National Park. View the many lush forests, waterfalls and drop into the local cafes along the drive.

Book out the day for exercise and a bike ride the Great Southern Rail trail which stretching over 70 kilometres from Leongatha to Port Welshpool, the trail traverses lush farmland, historic bridges and native vegetation.

Have a hit of Tennis at the Port Albert Tennis Courts. Equipment can be rented from the Port Albert General Store and Service Station.

Book a day out on one of the Port Albert Fishing Charters or Scenic Boat Tours. Post your award-winning catch on social media.

A short 25-min drive you can visit the Toora Wind Farm and local stores, and Port Welshpool where you can grab some lunch and walk the famous restored Long Jetty.

Spend the day at Wilsons Promontory and visit the scenic beaches and wildlife walks.

Visit the famous Heesco Murals throughout Yarram

Take your boat out fishing on the many Port Albert waterways and fish for flathead, gummy shark, whiting, and snapper.

In summer, let the kids have a swim at Port Albert’s sandy beach. Let them jump off the jetty into the water. When they are finished, grab a snack from the kiosk.

Try some surf fishing at the nearby Ninety Mile Beach (within an hour’s drive).

Walk the 1 klm boardwalk at McLoughlins Beach and admire the grassland, wildlife and sandy water coastline.

Have a swim at the patrolled beache at Woodside Beach (30 minute drive).

Explore the Agnes Falls National Park and visit the waterfall and ponds (within 40 minutes).

Charge up the batteries in the camera and head out for a day of photography.

Grab a book and sit by the water in Port Albert soaking in some sunshine and relax watching the boats.

Enjoy some Lawn Bowls at the Yarram Country Club.

Order some takeaway food for dinner e.g. Pizza from Versicilia Ristorante, Burgers and Chips from Port Albert Fresh Seafoods, Fish Tacos from Port Albert Fish and Chip Co.

Book a fine dining experience at the Carrajung Estate and Winery

Check out the various country pubs in the area such as the Victoria Hotel (the Albo), Commercial Hotel (The Mersh), Welshpool Pub, or the Woodside Pub (The Woody). Essential that you use nicknames…

Check what is on at the Yarram Theatre. They often show midweek movies and local events on the weekend.

Book a Cemetery Tour at the Alberton Cemetery. During the holiday periods they sometimes run a special ghost tour.

Catch the western view sunsets with a late afternoon walk across the ‘Old Port Trail’ (also known as the Christopher Robinson walk).

Take the children to see the many Kangaroos and Wallabies all feeding in the late afternoons in the paddocks behind houses or along the walking trails.

Grab a bottle of wine or some beers from the Port Albert General Store. They have a range of groceries you can take back to your BnB to enjoy a quiet night in. Perhaps have a BBQ in Memorial Park right and let the kids play on the swings.

See what live music is playing at the Victoria Hotel (the Albo) or Café AGA in Yarram.

Book a private sunset scenic boat tour around Port Albert (Bookings Essential).

Be part of the Friday night raffles at the Victoria Hotel (the Albo) where the area raises funds for the Port Albert New Year’s Eve Fireworks – loads of fun and mix with the Port Albert locals who have served you through the week.

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Port Albert Activities

All the items in the travel planner are listed on our website activities page. Visit this page to learn more and to access their contact information. 

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Port Albert Accommodation

Not only is Port Albert such a beautiful and tranquil place to stay, it's location makes  it the perfect base when visiting many of South Gippsland's attractions.

The area has a range of accommodation options that suit your lifestyle and budget.

What's on at Port Albert?

Check out what events or fishing competitions are being held in the area.

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