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Port Albert Town Centre

Things to Do!

We've got heaps of great information, things to do, and events that you can be part of...

Food and Drink

Hospitality Options around the Port

Port Albert is famous for its Fish & Chips on the wharf.

Today, the area boasts a much larger range of food and drink options

Port Albert Fish and Chip Company_Port Albert Wharf Victoria

Outdoor Sports

Outdoor Activities Around Port Albert

Experience the scenic locations with some of the many activities available.  As a family, couple or individual, there is always something special to do at the Port.

Alessandro Marino_Port Albert Fishing Report_Visit Port Albert Website

Events & Promotions

Upcoming Events and Local Activities

Port Albert is well-known for their family friendly community events, each facilitated by the volunteers at the Port Albert Progress Association.

Port Albert Easter Fun Day Gippsland

Walks and Bike Rides

Walking and Bikes Trails

Keeping your family active is simple at Port Albert.

Take a stroll around the foreshore, or step it up a notch with some of the extended walking and bike trails.

Photo Credit_  Boat Harbour Jetty B&B


Port Albert History and the Clonmel

Steeped in a rich maritime history, it was Gippsland’s first established port and was the cornerstone of the land transport connections in the early 1800’s.

Photo Credit_ Boat Harbour Jetty B&B

Information and Articles

Port Alberts Blogs and News Articles

Take some to grab a coffee and read some of the blogs and news articles we have on the Port Albert Website.

Black Coffee


Port Albert Wharf_Gippsland Victoria

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