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Port Albert Fishing Showcased by IFISH

Earlier this year, the charming coastal town of Port Albert in Victoria's Gippsland region had the pleasure of hosting the renowned IFISH team.

Port Albert in Victoria's Gippsland was showcased by Paul Worsteling and the IFISH team.
Paul Worsteling and the IFISH team

Image supplied by Boat Harbour Jetty B&B - Port Albert Accommodation

Led by the charismatic Paul Worsteling, accompanied by production experts Eddie and Seth, the visit was a highly anticipated event for local fishing enthusiasts and the wider community.

Paul Worsteling is a household name in the world of recreational fishing in Australia. Known for his infectious laughter, unyielding passion, and boundless enthusiasm, Paul has captivated audiences with his adventures across the globe.

IFISH’s Adventure in Port Albert

The visit to Port Albert was orchestrated by Mark and Sharon Radon, owners of the Boat Harbour Jetty B&B. Mark, a long-time friend of Paul’s, arranged for the IFISH team to film several segments in this picturesque location, with the episodes set to air in the upcoming Season 18 of IFISH.

During their stay, the focus was on showcasing the incredible fishing opportunities that Port Albert offers. Guided by Mark, Paul and the team explored the rich waters, targeting inlet gummy sharks and flathead using soft plastics.

As the year progresses, Port Albert will make another appearance on IFISH, highlighting the vibrant whiting fishing season.

Discover the Fishing Paradise of Port Albert

Port Albert, situated in the heart of Gippsland's Corner Inlet, is a premier destination for fishing enthusiasts. The area is a gateway for boaters, offering ample opportunities for a diverse range of fishing experiences.

Whether you're casting a line from the local jetties or venturing out to the deeper waters, Port Albert promises a rewarding catch.

The region is famed for its abundant marine life, including snapper, flathead, gummy shark, squid, whiting, and even larger species such as tuna and kingfish.

Its expansive, sheltered fishing grounds and easy access to Bass Strait via an all-tide entrance make it ideal for both relaxed inshore fishing and exhilarating offshore adventures.

Mark Your Calendars for Season 18 of IFISH on Network 10

Don’t miss out on the excitement as IFISH, with host Paul Worsteling, returns to Network 10 and 10 Bold in July 2024.

Watch as Paul and his team bring the beauty and bounty of Port Albert to screens across the nation, inspiring anglers everywhere to explore this hidden gem in Gippsland.

Port Albert’s rich fishing heritage, combined with the charm of its local community and the expertise of the IFISH team, promises an unforgettable viewing experience.

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Discover why Port Albert is a top-tier destination for fishing enthusiasts.

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Many thanks for Mark and Sharon Radon from Boat Harbour Jetty B&B for making this possible. Learn More >>>

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