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Illuminate Your Easter Evening at Port Albert's Floating Lantern Display

Updated: Apr 1

As part of the Port Albert Easter Family Fun Day, where magic meets tradition against the picturesque backdrop of the Port Albert Foreshore, we are excited to announce the Port Albert Floating Lantern Display. 

Hosted by the Port Albert Progress Association (PAPA) as part of the Tarra Festival, this cherished community event promises an unforgettable evening for all.


A Day Filled with Delights


The Easter Family Fun Day comes alive with laughter, music, and festivities. Groove to the tunes of 'No Promises' with live music that sets the mood for a celebration. Kids can indulge in an array of free activities, with a range of food available from our diverse selection of food trucks and local businesses. Pack your picnic basket and soak in the vibrant atmosphere while relishing the breathtaking sunset views at the Port!


Port Albert's Floating Lantern Display


Prepare to be mesmerized as darkness falls upon the foreshore with our Floating Lantern Display. Guided by hopefully just a gentle breeze and the soft glow of the lantern lights, PAPA will launch these 100% biodegradable floating water paper lanterns to create a photographers dream.


Be Part of the Magic


Don't miss your chance to be part of this enchanting tradition. Join us in launching the lanterns by purchasing your very own floating lantern from PAPA for a nominal gold coin donation. Your participation not only adds to the splendour of the display but also supports the wonderful initiatives of the Port Albert Progress Association.


Capture the Moment in Pictures


As the evening unfolds, seize the opportunity to capture stunning photographs of the illuminated lanterns floating gracefully upon the water. Share your memorable moments on social media and let the world witness the beauty and magic of Port Albert's Floating Lantern Display. Tag them with the hashtag #TarraFestival


Easter Sunday at Port Albert


Don’t sit home on Easter Sunday night…


Come down at 5pm, savor the many food options available from the food trucks and local food businesses and listen to some live music. 

Be sure to secure your spot for the lantern launch scheduled between 7:00pm and 8:00pm, offering the perfect finale to your Easter Sunday long weekend.


Date and Time: Sunday, March 31st, from 5pm to 8pm

Location: Rutters Park, Port Albert Foreshore


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This event is proudly brought to you by the Port Albert Progress Association (PAPA)

**Video Footage of floating lantern display -


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